通过 向白俄罗斯明斯克发送精美花束。专业花艺师,及时送达。现在就用微信订购鲜花并送货上门: +375293924102.


Tulips for International Womens Day is a great tradition that pleases women all over the world for decades. Send tulips Belarus with our company and don't forget read some facts about tulips before order the flowers deliver to Minsk.


Day of lovely couples in many countries is considered Valentine's Day (celebrated February 14 in the company of the beloved one). On this holiday everyone in love can confess their feelings or emphasize them by giving a beautiful gift to your loved one. 


Gifts are an integral part of the New Year and create a real holiday atmosphere. Take a look at the interesting merchandise items with us!


Beautiful places of Belarus is a very wide topic that requires lots of memory space for photos) We prepared materials created near the lake Kroman that is situated right in the center of Naliboki forest – the biggest forest in Belarus.


Flowers are beautiful in any form at any place! And now you have opportunity to see photos of bouquet of flowers in the heart of belarusian nature – the Naliboki Forest.


Gratitude is one of the basic human emotions that connects and unites people. And flowers are a great way to get that gratitude.


What flowers are suitable for the summer season? Let's try to figure it out in this short article. Photos attached :)


What are victory flowers? Let's find out today!


Choosing flowers for March 8 is an important decision that can influence the subsequent celebration


New Year's Eve is in full swing and you want to spend the day with new vivid emotions and colours?


The streets are covered with fluffy, white snow. In the city squares there are glittering Christmas trees.


For many years this holiday has been the most popular...


Very soon, congratulatory speeches will be heard all over the streets, people will gather around family tables and celebrate the beautiful spring holiday of Mother's Day.


The start of a beautiful, warm spring, marks the upcoming 8th of March.


Nothing makes you happier than a romantic candlelit dinner with a beautiful woman or an elegant man