Card Payment Web Pay System

Payments cards accepted:

Visa and MasterCard cards of all types, Belkart  (Белкарт) system cards ..

Payment is made via the Internet in real time.

* CVV2 / CVC2 is a three-digit control number that is printed on the back of a bank card. This number is usually printed in the upper right corner of the special signature strip. Entering a number is necessary to make sure that the card is used by the current owner.

To pay by credit card:

1. place an order in the online store and go to the payment page;

2. press the "pay" button;

3. enter bank card details and click "continue";

Online payment security:

When choosing to replenish an account using a bank card, payment processing (including entering a bank card number) occurs on the website of the electronic payment system WEBPAY ™, which has passed international certification.

In the WEBPAY ™ system, payment security is ensured using the secure SSL 3.0 protocol for transferring confidential information from the client to the WEBPAY ™ system server and further processing in the processing center. This means that your confidential data (card details, registration data, etc.) do not go to the online store, their processing in the processing center is completely protected and no one, including, can receive personal and bank data of the client.

In addition, when processing payments by bank cards, the secure 3D-Secure technology is used, which is required by the international payment system VISA.

In order to avoid cases of various kinds of unlawful use of bank cards when paying, all deposits made on the Site and prepaid with a credit card are checked by the Site. According to the rules of international payment systems, in order to verify the identity of the holder and his eligibility to use the card, the customer who has completed the account replenishment is obliged to provide a copy of two pages of the bank card holder’s passport - a spread with a photo, as well as a copy of a bank card with both sides (the card number must be closed, except for the last four digits). The site reserves the right to cancel the replenishment of the account without explaining the reason, including if the specified documents are not provided by the Client (by fax or e-mail in the form of scanned copies) within 14 days from the date of replenishment of the account or if there are any doubts about their authenticity.

The order of payment  by credit card on the Internet:

1.Check if the bank card is intended for payments on the Internet (this information will be provided by the Bank issuing the Buyer).

2.Click on the "pay" button

3. redirects you to the authorization server of the WEBPAY ™ system.

4. The WEBPAY ™ authorization server establishes a connection with the Client via a secure protocol (SSL 3.0) and receives from the Client the parameters of his bank card (card number, card expiration date, card holder’s name in that transcription, as indicated on the card).

Bank card data must be entered and confirmed on the payment page within 40 minutes (timeout for entering payment instrument data). After 40 minutes, payment is closed due to the expiration of the waiting period.

The WEBPAY ™ authorization server pre-processes the received information and transfers it to the settlement bank of the system (hereinafter referred to as the Bank).

The Bank checks the availability of such an online store (in this case, in the System, and checks whether the operation complies with the established system restrictions. Based on the results of the checks, a ban or permission to authorize the transaction to the card payment system is formed.

If the authorization result received from the card payment system is positive:

The bank sends the WEBPAY ™ authorization server a positive authorization result;

The authorization server transmits a positive authorization result to the Client;, having received confirmation of authorization permission, provides a service (carries out payment for the order).

If authorization is denied:

The bank transfers the payment refusal to the WEBPAY ™ authorization server;

The authorization server sends a refusal with the order number;

A letter is sent to the client stating the reason for the refusal of authorization.

Reasons for refusal may be as follows:

The issuing Bank of the Client does not support the secure 3D-Secure payment processing technology, which is required by the international payment system VISA, Master Card;

There are not enough funds on the card to pay for the order;

The issuing Bank of the Client has established a ban on payment on the Internet (some banks put a ban on payment via the Internet, for fear of fraud);

Bank card data entry timed out (must be entered within 40 minutes);

The entered data was not confirmed by the Client on the payment page, data format error, etc.

Depending on the reason for the denial of authorization to resolve the issue, you can:

Retry payment attempt, but not earlier than in 20 minutes;

Contact the issuing bank for clarification;

If the Bank cannot solve the problem, repeat the payment attempt using a card issued by another Bank.

The procedure for payment of the order with Belkat (Белкарт) credit card

To increase the security of a payment using a BELKART card, the necessary actions are taken to additionally authenticate the buyer in real time, which requires the BELKART Internet Password of the BELKART card holder. In case of successful completion of the authentication of the buyer - the holder of the BELKART card - a request is generated for real-time payment.

For direct authentication, the BELKART card holder must enter his BELKART Internet Password in the window that appears. After entering the correct BELKART Internet Password and a successfully completed request to the Bank to make a payment, a window appears with the final result - a purchase order in the online store: paid successfully.