Blooming&Green Plants

Potted plant Radermachera

The china doll plant is a fairly recent houseplant, having only been introduced since the early 1980s.

144 BYN
Potted plant Zamioculcas

To care for a zamioculcas not whimsical. It is better to place it in bright rooms. 

96 BYN

Delivery of Indoor and Potted Plants in Minsk

For those who appreciate lasting beauty, our collection of blooming and green plants offers the perfect alternative to traditional flower bouquets. Ranging from vibrant flowering plants to lush greenery, these living gifts bring a touch of nature indoors and are suitable for any occasion or setting. Available for delivery in Minsk and throughout Belarus, our plants are selected for their beauty and ease of care, making them an ideal gift for home or office. Whether you're looking to brighten someone's day, congratulate them on a new beginning, or simply want to add a green touch to your space, our blooming and green plants are a thoughtful and enduring choice. With en.teleflora.by, sending a piece of nature's beauty has never been easier or more convenient, ensuring your gift continues to grow and inspire.