VIP Roses 51,101

101 red roses bouquet

Tremendous bouquet of 101 stunning large red roses will fill the air with magic.  

1’017,60 BYN
Bouquet of 51 red roses

Beautiful, huge bouquet of 51 red roses will help you to return love.

400 BYN

Gorgeous VIP Flower Arrangements for Every Taste

For those moments when you want to make a grand gesture or leave an indelible mark, our VIP Roses in quantities of 51 and 101 are the ultimate expression of luxury and deep affection. These premium bouquets are composed of the finest roses, selected for their size, fragrance, and unparalleled beauty. Available for delivery in Minsk and across Belarus, our VIP Roses are a symbol of extravagance and devotion, perfect for significant occasions, romantic milestones, or when you wish to make an unforgettable impression. Each bouquet is a masterpiece, representing the pinnacle of floral artistry and elegance. Trust en.teleflora.by to deliver these extraordinary roses with care and precision, ensuring your grand gesture is received with awe and admiration.