Potted plant Zamioculcas

90 BYN

Ingredients: houseplant, pot.
Size: height-50-70 cm.
Item number: 20160007.
Country of origin: Netherlands / Ecuador.

To care for a zamioculcas not whimsical. It is better to place it in bright rooms. Content temperature: 16 to 25 degrees Celsius. Feels good in a wide range of temperatures (about 10 to 30 degrees Celsius). The apartment is quite dry air grows well, as the birthplace of zamiokulkas-African semi-deserts and deserts, respectively, the air there is also hot and dry. Watering the plant should be moderate, preventing overflow, since the roots can rot. If this happens, you can try to get the plant from the pot along with the earthen lump and dry it. Transplant every one or two years, better in the spring. Sometimes you can lightly fertilize the plant with a special fertilizer. Leaves zamiokulkasa no sense to spray, but it is even recommended to wipe them from the dust settled on them. Propagated plant seeds, vegetatively: by dividing the tubers of the plant, cuttings or separated from the plant leaf.

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