Potted plant Violet

51 BYN

Ingredients: houseplant, pot.
Size: height-15 cm.
Item number: 20160008.
Country of origin: Netherlands / Ecuador.

A violet-a plant, have which flowers can be numerous various shades. This is one of the most common flowering plants in the collections of flower lovers.
A violet likes light, but not direct solar rays. The temperature of the content should not be below 16 degrees Celsius. Watering a violet should be good, but not too much. If the grassroots watering - excess water needs to drain. When riding watering should ensure that the water does not fall on the leaves. Saintpaulia, as they call this plant, likes acidic soil composition. The soil should be light, from the dense marsh soil the roots of violets can rot. Propagated violets mainly by separating the sheet and planting it in water or moist soil. You can transplant violets once or twice a year, each time increasing the diameter of the pot. The pot should be shallow choose.

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