Potted plant Yucca

84 BYN

Composition: indoor plant, pot.
Height: 40-80 cm.
Item number: 20160004.
Country of origin: Netherlands / Ecuador.

Yucca is a light- and heat-loving plant. However, direct sunlight should be avoided. At an ambient temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, the yucca will grow just fine. Watering should be quite moderate, i.e. between waterings the top layer of soil in the pot should dry out. If the yucca needs to be replanted, it is best not to transplant, but to transfer the roots from one pot to another together with the soil that surrounds the roots. In winter you can lower the temperature to 10-12 degrees Celsius, together with a reduction in light because of the reduced daylight hours. But drafts and a further drop in temperature must not be allowed - the yucca might die. Nourishing is done in spring and summer. This plant is propagated by seeds. It can also be propagated at home by cuttings. Cut the top off so that the stem is cut to a length of 5-10 cm and leave the leaves on the main trunk. The top can then be rooted and new branches will soon grow from the shoots on the trunk. This will also produce a branching parent plant.

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