Purple Orchid Plant

98 BYN

Colors: purple, yellow, white

Ingredients: houseplant, pot.
Size: height-30-60 cm.
Item number: 20160013.
Country of origin: Netherlands / Ecuador.

Beautiful plant Orchid species Phalaenopsis-quite a favorite of many girls and women home flower. An interesting form of the flowers themselves, the variety of colors, unpretentiousness in care - what else do you need to love this plant?
The optimum temperature for orchids is from + 16 to + 24 degrees Celsius. Orchids like good lighting. Light orchids should be given as much as possible. The only thing that should not be allowed - is being under the direct scorching rays of the sun-they can burn. Humidity is desirable to provide a sufficiently high, but many orchids feel normal and at moderate humidity. As the soil is better to buy a special soil for orchids, which, incidentally, is in our salons. You can transplant an Orchid once every two or three years. Determine the need for watering orchids can, for example, by placing a wooden stick in the ground. You can have her there all the time. Periodically the wand to remove and check: if it is wet, be watered before, and if the stick is dry, the plant can be watered. You can also check the soil itself. Watering is directly related to the intensity of lighting: the less light, the less and less watering. The method of irrigation is not critical: grassroots, riding. You can spray the leaves of orchids on a hot summer day. Plants that are in the phase of active growth, you can feed, but it is not critical. In winter, you need to reduce watering orchids. To propagate this plant is best lateral appendages. Orchid is able to bloom as one, so two, three times a year-depends on the conditions of detention. Faded dried flowers should be removed. Periodically dying roots also need to be removed.

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