Things you should know about Christmas

For many years this holiday has been the most popular and favorite holiday in most countries of the world. The Nativity of Christ (or simply Christmas) is the beginning of a new era for mankind. This is the day when the calendar starts counting down.

The history of the holiday is rich and each country has its own characteristics. It has two main dates of celebration: 25th of December (Catholic) and 7th of January (Orthodox). The first one is more popular and prevails in Europe and North and South America, while the second one is celebrated in the post-Soviet countries.

In the United States, the first Christmas tree was put up in front of the White House in 1891, which marked the consolidation of Christmas at the state level and its recognition as a bank holiday. The trend continued around the world, and by 2010 more than 70 countries had added Christmas to their list of national celebrations.

The main Christmas colours are green, and red. Green reflects the evergreen spruce, the main attribute of the holiday. Another evergreen that is equally popular in the countries is the holly and the "Christmas star" poinsettia. The red colour gained its popularity thanks to the Coca-Cola company, when they decided to draw Santa Claus for the first time to promote the product. The image of a jolly fat man in red clothes handing out presents was very much loved by the public and deeply rooted in people's minds. Although nowadays the colour combinations can vary according to family traditions, cultural specifics of the country or religious preferences, our company prefers the classic combination of green and red, because it is so beautiful, symbolic and familiar.

The rich culture and variety of Christmas can easily be found in literature and in many feature films. The basic attributes are a Christmas wreath, a Christmas tree, candles, golden bells, gift socks, and the star of Bethlehem.

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