International holiday Halloween 2019



Halloween is an international holiday that is celebrated on the eve of All Saints Day (October 31). Today it is very popular all over the world, but, especially, in the USA and Canada. The largest number of sweets is sold there and a huge number of houses and offices are decorated with skeletons, pumpkins and candles. In Europe you can also find countries which are active in celebrating of Halloween. Frankenstein Castle in Germany, which is visited by thousands of people from all over the world, impressive parades in France, in which more than 30 thousand people wearing various costumes of monsters take part. It is a great occasion to relax and have fun, isn't it?

What is needed for the holiday? Flower Arrangements, helium balloons, floral gifts. Where can I buy? On the street Matusevich 72, a flower and gift shop Teleflora.